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Make Up- Basic Face

When I need some time to unwind but am not in the mood to go on a run or read a book,  I love to watch make up tutorials and try out new products. One of my favorite things to do is find products that are low cost but high quality. Here I was watching…… Continue reading Make Up- Basic Face

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Think of Me

Coming up with a name for my blog was kind of difficult. I considered a few things. As I’m not really sure what direction I want this blog to take, I didn’t know if I should name it “jac’s life” or “trends and fashion” or something else along those lines. As I was brainstorming, I…… Continue reading Think of Me


Allowing joy

There are a variety of limits in our lives. Physical, emotional, mental. Sometimes it can feel like the whole weight of the world is on our shoulders. With the demands of day-to-day life, it can be so easy to become complacent. We move in and out of our day with our minds somewhere else. We…… Continue reading Allowing joy