tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick

In my earlier post Make Up- Basic Face, I mentioned using a “light plum” colored lipstick. Currently, my absolute favorite lipstick is by tarte. Its called Amazonian Butter Lipstick and for day-to-day wear I have been wearing a color called plummy rose.


I love to wear colors that compliment my eye color, whether that be a brightly colored shirt or a fun lipstick. I chose this color for my basic look because of my hazel eyes. Purple or plum colors really bring out the greens and blues in hazel eyes and make them pop.



“If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked.” -Sofia Vergara

I love this lipstick because it’s super moisturizing. My lips tend to be dry, especially in the winter months so I always have a chapstick on my person. With tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick, you can skip the chapstick all together. (Another great tip is to drink plenty of water. This will help keep your skin hydrated and, in turn keep your lips from chapping.)

Another thing that is really great about this lipstick is how easy it is to apply. Because it is not a heavy or dark lipstick, you don’t even need to use a mirror or a liner. It goes on just as easily as your favorite chap, which is super convenient for when you’re stuck in class or in a meeting.


“Life is too short to wear bad lipstick” – Anonymous

This product is a little bit on the pricy side but it is worth the splurge. It will last you a while and looks great no matter what the occasion. There are some days that plummy rose is the only make up that I have on that day.

tarte offers a variety of colors in this product so it is easy to find the color that works best for you. Enjoy!

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