Review- Red Door Grill Brookside

I had eaten at Red Door Grill in Leawood at its always packed, especially at happy hour, so I was sooo excited when I saw we were getting one in Brookside. We joined our friends Jonathan and Ashley for Thursday night date night.

I have to say, although the restaurant is new to the area, the crowd did not disappoint. It was packed! We were very glad we made a reservation.

Although we were too late, we noted that the happy hour lasted until 7 pm which was a huge plus for us. When you work until 5 it’s hard to make happy hours that last 4-6!

Me and my hot date, Q 😉

Ashley and Jonathan! We ❤ you guys

We were very excited to find out that Thursday’s at Red Door Grill are “fried chicken nights”. The manager came right over and explained that fresh chicken is maraniated and prepared all week before it is battered at fried to perfection. It was sooo good.

While the guys ordered the fried chicken, Ashley and I went with salads. But of course we got to share the guy’s food! That’s always how it goes 😉 I opted for the “Hail Ceaser” salad with grilled shrimp. It was delish!

I have to say that one of the hottest topics of our meal was the bathroom. It was modeled in that new style where the sink area is co-ed. Although it caused us a few awkward moments, we were definitely talking about it!

Overall, we had a great experience. The space is beautifully designed with a huge open floor plan and a great upstairs loft area. There are plenty of TV’s making The Red Door Grill a great place to grab a drink and watch a game. The restaurant will be a really great addition to the ever-growing Brookside area!

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