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Make Up- Basic Face


When I need some time to unwind but am not in the mood to go on a run or read a book,  I love to watch make up tutorials and try out new products. One of my favorite things to do is find products that are low cost but high quality. Here I was watching a tutorial by Jaclyn Hill.

I also love tutorials by Tati. She’s one of my favorites because she does reviews of very affordable, but quality products that you can find at your local drug store. I follow her on snapchat to stay up-to-date with her latest reviews 🙂 @tatiwestbrook

This is my vanity in my room at home. I think the key to doing a good job with your make up is good lighting and a comfortable place to sit. You can achieve a great look with just a few products- it’s really whatever you’re comfortable with.

For my basic face I use the following products:

  • Any basic moisturizer. CeraVe is always great and super affordable.
  • Make Up Forever Primer in green- this works great if you have any redness in your skin tone
  • Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation – use a wet beauty sponge to apply! You can find them at TJ Maxx for a really reasonable price. It seems weird but works great. This is also true for concealers.
  • NARS Radient Creamy Concealer, Vanilla
  • Anastasia Contour Kit, Light to Medium
  • Elf Illuminating Palette
  • Maybelline Brow Drama, light brown (this may be one of my favorite Target finds EVER). It’s a brow gel to hold them in place but also adds just a little bit of tint.

Always start with a clean and moisturized face! Pulling your hair back in a braid or headband is always super helpful.


Halfway done. Here I have on the primer, foundation and powder. (And yes I have motivational reminders everywhere! YOU are a BADASS!)


Here is the finished product! I added a light plum lipstick and a lilac eyeshadow to make the green in my eyes pop.

I’ll put up a more detailed post about products and my daily/nightly routines soon. And FYI I definitely don’t wear this much make up on a day-to-day basis! Natural you is important and beautiful as well! I hope you enjoy 🙂

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